Pexip RP send logs to remote syslog server

rsyslog is an application that allows for local logs on the RP to be sent to another host for log consolidation. Below is a procedure that I have used to send logs from a Pexip RP to a remote syslog destination. The following logs are what I am send to the remote destination. You can […]

Synchronise Files on Pexip Reverse Proxy

If you have deployed more than one reverse proxy, there may be scenarios where it might be useful to replicate files from one to another in an automated fashion. For instance, if you are providing custom branding as described in this article: Pexip Reverse Proxy – Hosting unique branding for multiple domains then you will want to […]

Letsencrypt Certificate on Pexip Reverse Proxy (Nginx)

Note: Since the time of writing, I have found this method to be even more useful: This article aims to show how you can use the FREE public certificates provided by Letsencrypt ( for your Pexip reverse proxy. Install Steps These instructions expand on guidance provided here: Follow Andreas’ instructions to bring the reverse proxy […]

Pexip reporting with Caravel

Reporting Pexip History using Superset This post contains my notes for installing Superset and a customer python script to automate the downloading of participant and conference history from a Pexip Management node. I came across Caravel when looking for a simple method to provide some cool dashboard type views with data derived from Pexip. Superset […]

fail2ban on Pexip Reverse Reverse Proxy

Inspired by: Ben Hockley It is really cool how Pexip can provide a way to offer browser based video conferencing to users that are located outside of an organisation. A common way to architect this functionality is to install a reverse proxy and TURN server at the organisations network edge. One of the risks in providing […]