fail2ban on Pexip Reverse Reverse Proxy

Inspired by: Ben Hockley It is really cool how Pexip can provide a way to offer browser based video conferencing to users that are located outside of an organisation. A common way to architect this functionality is to install a reverse proxy and TURN server at the organisations network edge. One of the risks in providing […]

Pexip Geo Policy Server

Pexip Geo Location Policy server for WebRTC This blog illustrates how to build a simple policy server for the Pexip platform. The end result provides the means to nominate a Pexip Location based on which country the user is connecting from. This is particularily useful for Pexip installations that span multiple AWS regions but incoming […]

Pexip Reporting

Background   All call activity on the Pexip platform in a database that exists on the Pexip Management Node. This activity is recorded in two tables that detail information pertinent to conferences and the participants connecting to the conferences. It is possible to list this infomantion by browsing to the Management Node and selecting Status […]